SEA STAR Festival 2018.

One of the most famous music festivals in the world is now coming to Croatia again!


24-27. May 2018.
Stella Maris, Umag, Croatia

After four unforgettable days from May 25 to 28, with spectacular performances and endless energy, the first edition of the EXIT’s brand-new Sea Star Festival finished in the sunny lagoon of the Stella Maris resort in Croatian coast town Umag. Big regional festival-run dubbed EXIT Summer of Love, marking the 50th anniversary since the original in 1967, while also connecting four countries of the region, started by launching a new bright star on the festival sky of Europe. There was an almost instant high interest for a new festival in Croatia run by the team behind the acclaimed Serbian EXIT Festival ever since the festival was announced and now, from the get-go it resulted in becoming one of the largest sea festivals in Europe. It is interesting to note that the Sea Star Festival tripled its initially announced capacity and eventually even doubled the number of festival zones, all due to great interest. 50,000 elated visitors from over 70 countries that passed through the festival gates in the four days and nights have witnessed superb performances with impeccable production.


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Months of preparations and the public interest caused Sea Star to become one of the biggest seaside festivals in Europe starting from its debut edition. Thanks to performances by world famous headliners and more than 50.000 visitors from over 70 countries, Sea Star scored two European Festival Awards nominations – one for Best Medium Sizes Festival and Best New Festival. Also, Sea Star Festival won the domestic Ambasador award for best new festival.

The new phase in the continued process of regional connection was started in by EXIT team in 2014, when the first Sea Dance Festival in Budva was organized, followed by the Revolution Festival in Timisoara in 2015. These two festivals achieved notable success from the very beginning, so much so that Sea Dance was declared the Best European Festival up to 40,000 people a day in its first year, while the Revolution festival was nominated in two categories at the European Festival Awards.

Before them, the EXIT Festival was declared the best European Festival in 2007 and 2013, in the main category of festival giants. The most important media of the world regularly recommend EXIT as a must-see festival, and this year alone it was declared the best festival by some of the world’s most eminent media, such as CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue, Daily Mail, DJ Mag, Ministry of Sound, and many others. The famous tourist guide, Conde Nast Traveler, member of one of the leading publishing houses in America, who publishes Vogue, The New Yorker, Pitchfork, Wired and many others, recently declared EXIT, as the only festival on the list, among the 50 greatest attractions in Europe, alongside Mona Lisa, Acropolis, and the Eiffel Tower.

Umag, a town at the north of the mind-blowing Croatian seaside isn’t just a breathtaking combo of baroque and renaissance and Mediterranean climate. From this year this town will be richer for one more event – the Sea Star music festival set in the Stella Maris resort. With a number of attractions and a lagoon that has an almost-unreal color and with cocktails served day and night, this Croatian town is the perfect site for those endless marine nights on the beach and energetic parties combined with new friends, fun in the sea and new blossoming love. When all of this is fused with the upcoming and hotly anticipated Sea Star Festival, in 2017 Umag will be the place to be!

The resort has a total of 270 apartments (each for 3-4 people), five restaurants, a gravel beach in the lagoon with a Blue Flag certificate (for exceptional sea purity and beach standards), a tiled beach, a large outdoor pool with warm water and a pool for kids. Inside Stella Maris, there are shops, numerous bars, emergency ward, ATM, and WiFi coverage throughout the complex. The resort is pet friendly.

The lagoon within the Stella Maris complex looks almost unreal, so there is no surprise that it carries its Blue Flag certificate for exceptional sea purity and beach standards with pride. Apart from the gravel beach, there is another tiled beach and an outdoor pool.

Another great and eco-friendly detail is the fact that all of Istria has excellent bicycle routes, and there are many bike shops in Umag, which helps make it an attractive destination for young people who like to go around Europe in less conventional ways.


Umag, Croatia, Stella Maris  24-27th May 2018


* Tickets are available only for Hungarian citizens which will be proved upon arrival by presenting passport or ID. The ticket has to be printed; tickets that have not been printed are considered invalid

* You will exchange this e-ticket for a wristband which will enable your festival entrance. More information about the exchange will be available in due time Sea Star Festival official website. The wristband is valid for one person, and enables the festival entrance on every festival day. Money refunds for purchased tickets are not not possible. Damaged wristband is not valid for use


SEA STAR Festival 2018.
Stella Maris, Umag, Croatia

Distance from Budapest: 600 km


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